Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sliding Drawers

Having come into a whole set of drawers and slides, John has decided to make up a whole cabinet to fit them.

John said that the fiting the cabinet and then the slides is taking a lot of accuracy to ensure smooth operation.

Shown here discussing the finer details of setting out drawers with George W.

Chair repair

Guv has moved on the "dolls chair" and now working on full sized chairs. These chairs need a good sanding back, some glueing and general repair.

Strengthened up the chairs are being giving some TLC to get them back to their former glory.

The San Remo Men's Shed are happy to embark on minor repairs and assist where they can. The Shed is always grateful for donations to cover the many hours out workers put into these projects. This assists us to cover rent, power, water and insurance.

The Shed, whilst able to provide manpower and expertise, is not able to provide materials unless there are items in the shed store. Items required for a specific job are the responsibility of the community client. This may entail providing items, or covering the cost of, consumables such as stains, glues, fasteners or any item purchased to complete the job.

Sharpener of tools

Bob was hard at work sharpening up even more chisels this morning.

Having been teaching the troops how to turn wood, making rolling pins, yo-yos and other items on the lathe, Bob seems to have plenty to keep him busy in the shed.

McMonkey business

Guv finished up the "Dolly High Chair" in English Mohogany stain. Mick provided his McMonkey to occupy the seat.

The two now sit watch over the kitchen and office area.

Scroll saw mend

George pointed out the repairs to the large Scroll

Brackets have been welded into place and the adjustment threads fitted. All in working order again for safe use.

I remember when Ross donated it that he indicated this needed repair and now its all ship shape again.

Thanks to Ross for the donation and to George for the repairs.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Bench Planer

Keith has been hard at work with Col stripping down and painting the Bench Planer.

Keith was starting work on the support bench this morning and the finished job looked great when he and Ralph took it back into the shed to dry.

Col has sourced pulleys for the machine so it might be on the rebuild soon.

Looking good for all that hard work Col and Keith!!

George walking tall

George has been slowed down a little since his hip replacement and has been using a walking stick.

Bob has upgraded the stick for George III by turning up a swish new knob on the lathe.

Despite the obvious jokes and laughter, it is a well made addition that serves George well in his rehabilitation.

AED campaign

Three members of San Remo Community Mens Shed successfully completed their Senior First Aid Course last week. Congratulations to Mick, Col and Alan T.

Discussion about the course raised the important issue of an important piece of equipment the AED. Automatic External Defibrilator (AED) is used to restart the heart when it is in fibrillation and is a key part of the chain of survival in heart attacks.

Bob decided that the issue is such an important one that The Shed should have such a piece of equipment available. He made a major contribution to get the ball rolling and other members followed in kind. Members are now costing and sourcing an AED for the shed.

Thanks to all those that contributed, an important initiative for safety of all in The Shed.

Folk art

The Folk Art class on Monday morning requested some plywood blanks to painting witches.

Wayne and Alan have made up the eleven blanks and Mick is shown here handing over to one of the ladies in the class.

We are hoping to see the finished product and put a few of the finished painted products on the blog.

Well done Alan and Wayne!!

Name Badges

Wayne has designed a logo and set out new name badges for members.

The Badges are now put up on the board donated by Joe from the Neighbourhood Centre for easy visibility and return.

The design seems to be popular and most of the chaps were sporting their new badges this morning. Now everyone knows your name !!

Dolls High Chair

Guv has finished assembling and staining the Dolls High Chair.

He was putting some finishing touches on and polishing it up, another job completed in the shed.

Looks good Guv. . . planning to put it on display at future promotional events ... does anybody have doll spare that we could use ... ?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Racks & Stools

Tracey H, from Blue Haven After School Care, was in this morning to pick up the brochure rack and foot stool projects from San Remo Community Men's Shed.

The Brochure Rack was much in need of repair when it arrived at the shed. It was held together with sticky tape and a few well recited prayers.

Col and Keith set to manufacturing new rods to reinforce the strength and stability of the rack and soon had it better than new. Tracey was delighted with the outcome and couldn't wait to return to the centre and load it up!!

John (shown here) made the footstool off the design of Jillian's. Tracey was happy with the construction and with the adjusted height of John's creation.