Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Financial Information Service

The meeting on 19th September opened at 2 pm with 1 1 members present. The guest speaker was Brendan Kevs. Financial Advisor, Wyong Centrelink.

Brendan spoke of the change to this years Federal Budget and the benefits for seniors as of 20th September 2007.

Meeting closed 4.10 pm.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

NLMG meets Wyong Shire Council

The meeting on 5th September 2007 opened at 2pm with 11 members in attendance. Special guests from Wyong Shire Council Rhvall Gordon and Mary. Social Planners from the Future Planning Unit. In the coming months Wyong Shire will draft a new 5-Year Plan for senior living in the Shire.

A number of photographs were displayed on the table covering various aspects of the Wyong Shire environment, such as lakes, playing fields, children at play, shopping malls libraries, etc.

Discussion followed as to what was important to seniors and their needs. Many points of view were discussed. The most material points were health care, transport and preserving the environment especially the lakes system and wildlife.

Rhyall Gordon said he will present the interim report for us to review and discuss when available. Meeting closed at 4.20pm.