Friday, December 26, 2008

San Remo Community Men's Shed

This is the first post for the
San Remo Community Men's Shed
28 Brava Avenue
San Remo NSW 2262

For further information contact the
San Remo Neighbourhood Centre
Located: 28 Brava Ave, San Remo 2262

Phone: 4390 7888
Fax: 4399 2398


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Welding anyone?

Keith kindly dropped of two welders as a donation for the San Remo Community Men's Shed.

This added to the Whipper-Snipper that came from Thelma at Woy Woy on Thursday adds to the growing selection of donated equipment that the SRCMS has at its disposal for projects and maintenance in the New Year.


During the first Toolbox meeting the following have agree to be keyholders for the San Remo Community Men's Shed.

George - 4393 2113
Rob - 4390 0642
Don - 4390 9328
Kim - 0414 855 943

San Remo Neighbourhood Centre
Phone 4390 7888

First Toolbox Meeting

The inaugural Toolbox Meeting took place in the San Remo Community Men's Shed on Saturday 20 December 2008. Plenty of chairs and space but short of a meeting table.

Amidst considerable discussion about the design of the meeting room, the disability access toilet and the kitchenette, the first toolbox meeting in the the shed took place informally.

Alan, George II, Don, Rob and Ralph are shown here at the end of the Toolbox meeting. Ray had already moved back to work removing the grass along the fences and Kim is the photographer.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Shortland Donation

Even before there was any space "Behind the Shed Door" generous people were donating equpment to the San Remo Community Men's Shed.


Lloyd kindly arranged to obtain the thicknesser and pedestal mounted grinder, locally donated machinery located in Shortland in Newcastle.

Pedestal grinder

These two machines did run off three phase power but alas the motors were removed before we were able to recover them. With a little restoration and appropriate motors, the thicknesser and grinder will be doing their share of the load on projects for the shed in short order.

Belt Sander

George C has kindly donated from his extensive workshop a 4 inch belt sander. This machine will be popular with the woodworkers.

The belt needs to be reattached, so someone with the skills could could help get another operational machine up to speed ...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Ralph examines the study wooden workbench that George and Lloyd had transported back to the shed from Toukley.

George has had it stored on his trailer for some weeks and was keen to put it in the shed now its at the lockup stage.

This was also a time to start planning the location of heavier items to minimise the double handling and extra strain on our volunteers. Disassembled this bench is not so heavy but once in position it would be best not to move it again. Of course it will have to move from the disability toilet area to allow for tiling and plumbing.

The workbench came with two vices, one for woodwork and an additional metal vice.

Lock up

This was the occasion of a the Northlakes Men's Group meeting on the day when the San Remo Community Men's Shed was at lockup for the very first time.

Rob was pointing out some detail of work that would have to be added to the To-Do list ... exciting day for men to gain access to the long awaited shed.