Monday, October 19, 2009

Dust extractor package

We have taken receipt of an order of dust extraction equipment .. thanks to the grant sourced by David Harris MP.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Walking stick

Bob has turned out yet another walking stick !!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Instrument case

Bruce has been trying out the scroll saw & made an instrument case.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


The shed is now building homes for possums . . . some completed possum boxes destined for wildlife-ark.

The first possum box!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hot water away

The hot water service has now been installed & the plumbers have finished in the kitchen. So now we can complete the tiling.

All ready for washing up those coffee cups. . .

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Tiled and ready

Restroom all tiled and awaiting the power and plumbing finish off !!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Col & Keith are contemplating the new restroom .. . . . in front of the new wall for the kitchen and meeting room which is taking shape.

Its coming along well George .. thanks for the extra effort that you are putting in to complete this... George & George in fact!!

shed count

Glen counting screws & is now counting coins as he has been made the treasurer of the shed.

Three Georges

Theres a rare sight ... with a gaggle of Georges in the one photo . . and all have contrbuted so much to making the shed a success!!

Enjoy that cuppa.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bart's lamp base

Bart's lamp had been a little unstable so he has turned up a great wooden base for his lamp ..

here is the finished job.

Tiling the restroom

Glen & Al have been busy in the toilet doing the wall tiling.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Breakaway boxes

Rob Giles working hard on a Saturday Morning to complete all those boxes for Camp Breakaway.

Richard has also been working hard at home to progress these boxes to completion.

Well done guys,
great teamwork !!

Safety Supplies

The Shed has received a large donation of safety equipment from Florian Decelis of R. & R. Tape and Safety Supplies.

The stock of these safety supplies are kept in the locker in metalwork area. This equipment is supplied for the use of all shed
ders. Please ensure that it is worn when required.

Plenty of dust masks there for the woodworkers .. take a mask and keep it handy .. write your name on it .. and put it on when the dust is flying.

Florian's donation includes heavy duty gloves for gardening or any time the work gets heavy and dangerous for you fingers. Don't forget them when the yardwork needs doing.

There is also a box of powdered blue vinyl gloves for wet work safety.

The donation includes Safety Goggles as well ... anytime theres a risk to your eyes, take a pair for protection. The Toolbox meeting has suggested previously that you might want to bring your own safety goggles for hygene reasons. However, if you need to wear them they are in the locker ... they won't protect your eyes in the locker ... so be safe and put them on.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Table restoration

Mick was out front of the shed working on restoring a small table that supports his alarm clock.

saturday mornings

Saturday mornings are popular at the shed. Turn up about 10 am and the chaps are just warming up in the sun during their break.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

band restoration

George has created a jig for repairing band-saw blades. Came in very useful after the amount of work the band-saws were doing on the boomerang project.

Friday, July 10, 2009

New den for shedders

Central Coast Express Advocate, p24

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Two Stools

Two stools stand testament to their journey towards restsoration.

It doesn't take long for furniture to start shaping up under the handy skills of our furniture restorers.

Shed stoppers

Door stoppers a plenty at the San Remo Community Men's Shed.

All the Folk Art Group had to do was ask and Bob started turning them out ... Heres a stack of his work all ready to be cut for their finished form.

We are all looking forward to the decorated final product.

Monday, July 6, 2009

NAIDOC appreciation

Principal of the Northlakes Primary School, Greg Simmons arrived bright and early to collect the 550 boomerangs for the NAIDOC week celebrations.

He is shown here presenting a Certificate of Appreciation to Mick on behalf of the San Remo Community Men's Shed for this contribution to the NAIDOC week celebration.

Hoping to see one of those painted Boomerangs to put on our trophy wall too ..!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

NAIDOC week project

The Northlakes Public School were so very happy with the boomerangs that the blokes from San Remo Community Mens Shed provided.

In appreciation, Greg Simmons, Principal at the school presented this certificate to the team that worked on the project.

Well done Boomerang Team !!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Achievements of San Remo Community Mens Shed

San Remo Community Men's Shed

A project of
San Remo Neighbourhood Centre Inc
North Lakes Men's Group

Community Projects
Repair of brochure rack, Bluehaven Child Care Centre
Make 550 NAIDOC Boomerangs for Northlakes Public School
Repair of whiteboard for Youth Services, Gravity Youth Centre
Footstool, Bluehaven Child Care Centre
Art cutouts, Folk Art Group, San Remo Neighbourhood Centre
Tissue boxes, Folk Art Group, San Remo Neighbourhood Centre
Doorstops, Folk Art Group, San Remo Neighbourhood Centre
"DADS CAN" letters for San Remo Neighbourhood Centre
Security boxes for bed controllers, Camp Breakaway
Dolls House, Bluehaven Child Care Centre
Repair of mower for San Remo Community Garden
Cut out 14 "witches" blanks for folk art group
Turned out rolling pins
Sharpened 50 chisels for Workwise
Stencilled 2 "Mens Shed" signs for The Entrance Mens Shed

Obtained and presented OH&S video
Promotional stall at G.O.A.T.S festival
Membership 30
Developed Logo and name badges
Two stories in local press
Developed and distributed promotional flyers
Promotional stall at Dads Day Out festival
Weblog with over 60 entries and 290 visits
Grant from David Harris MP
Grant from Wyong Shire Council (Cr. Doug Vincent)
Organised training for 4 Senior First Aiders

Shed Projects
"Mens Shed" sign
Storage Shelving - 30 metres
Wall linings in metalwork area
Erection of sign-in shelf
Installed overhead power access
Construction of brochure stand for shed
Cleared and mowed area around shed
Installed TV with anetennaBuilt walls for disabilty toilet
Built storage racks
Find water main and dig out mains lead in pipework

Shed Equipment
Repair of lathes, bench planer & band saws
Construction of Lawn Mower Bench
Rebuilt and installed two computers & printer
Obtained security cupboard for power tools
Constructed benches for wood lathes
Collection of donations from Shortland to Woy Woy
Gavel for toolbox meetings
Made bench hooks and "safety" push sticks
Restored Industrial Scroll Saw (rebuilt & repaired)
Built bench for compound mitre saw
Made entertainment centre
Built face plate for wood lathe
Repaired guard on compound mitre saw
Rebuild and restoration of Junior Jointer machine
Rebuild and restoration of Power Hacksaw
Construction of mobile work table
Construction of Machine Bench for Drill Press and Grinder
Restoration of Dining Table for & mount castors
Change motor & gearing & mount wood lathe on bench
Restore Belt/Disk Sander and mount on portable stand
Restore 2 BBQs
Build Computer Desk from recovered organ frame
Repair 3 lawn mowers
Rebuild 3 lawn mowers
Rebuild & Restore Wood Thicknesser (ongoing)
Rebuild & Restore 8" Bench Grinder
Mount & fit motor for large belt sander
Stencilled SRCMS on shed equipment

Personal Projects
Turned 50+ small fruit bowl legs
Repair and restored dolls high chair
Repaired and sanded 4 country style chairs
Turned out lamp base
Turned out walking stick Ball Top
Turned out demonstration yo-yo

This is not an exhaustive list but indicates major achievements in the first six months of operation for the San Remo Community Men's Shed, a project of the San Remo Neighbourhood Centre and the North Lakes Men's Group.

Congratulations to all those involved in making this a successful start to the first Community Men's Shed in Wyong Shire!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

brochure stand

Guv knocked together this wonderful brochure holder ... since the perspex one is now wandering about with the mobile mens shed.

Thanks Guv ..
just what was needed !!

boomerang quiz

Alan was so keen on the boomerangs

  1. he decided to see if it would fly
  2. wanted to throw one away
  3. is doing a safety check ... or
  4. trying to kill the photographer

Working on boomerangs

Using materials provided by the Northlakes Primary School, Boomerangs are first marked out with a template then blanks cut from ply on the band saw, mostly by Glenn who brought the project to The Shed.

These blanks were then shaped on the router to curve the edges of the blanks.

This process was assisted by a perspex template prepared by George to ensure the job was done accurately and safely.

Each blank was finished on the belt sander to ensure smooth (safe) edges, a process that Alan demostrates here from all the experience of processing hundreds.

Each blank was then finished off by hand to give it that extra professional touch from the San Remo Community Mens Shed Boomerang Team.

As the picture shows hands that are now so practiced that they are faster than the shutter on the camera !!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sliding Drawers

Having come into a whole set of drawers and slides, John has decided to make up a whole cabinet to fit them.

John said that the fiting the cabinet and then the slides is taking a lot of accuracy to ensure smooth operation.

Shown here discussing the finer details of setting out drawers with George W.

Chair repair

Guv has moved on the "dolls chair" and now working on full sized chairs. These chairs need a good sanding back, some glueing and general repair.

Strengthened up the chairs are being giving some TLC to get them back to their former glory.

The San Remo Men's Shed are happy to embark on minor repairs and assist where they can. The Shed is always grateful for donations to cover the many hours out workers put into these projects. This assists us to cover rent, power, water and insurance.

The Shed, whilst able to provide manpower and expertise, is not able to provide materials unless there are items in the shed store. Items required for a specific job are the responsibility of the community client. This may entail providing items, or covering the cost of, consumables such as stains, glues, fasteners or any item purchased to complete the job.

Sharpener of tools

Bob was hard at work sharpening up even more chisels this morning.

Having been teaching the troops how to turn wood, making rolling pins, yo-yos and other items on the lathe, Bob seems to have plenty to keep him busy in the shed.

McMonkey business

Guv finished up the "Dolly High Chair" in English Mohogany stain. Mick provided his McMonkey to occupy the seat.

The two now sit watch over the kitchen and office area.

Scroll saw mend

George pointed out the repairs to the large Scroll

Brackets have been welded into place and the adjustment threads fitted. All in working order again for safe use.

I remember when Ross donated it that he indicated this needed repair and now its all ship shape again.

Thanks to Ross for the donation and to George for the repairs.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Bench Planer

Keith has been hard at work with Col stripping down and painting the Bench Planer.

Keith was starting work on the support bench this morning and the finished job looked great when he and Ralph took it back into the shed to dry.

Col has sourced pulleys for the machine so it might be on the rebuild soon.

Looking good for all that hard work Col and Keith!!

George walking tall

George has been slowed down a little since his hip replacement and has been using a walking stick.

Bob has upgraded the stick for George III by turning up a swish new knob on the lathe.

Despite the obvious jokes and laughter, it is a well made addition that serves George well in his rehabilitation.

AED campaign

Three members of San Remo Community Mens Shed successfully completed their Senior First Aid Course last week. Congratulations to Mick, Col and Alan T.

Discussion about the course raised the important issue of an important piece of equipment the AED. Automatic External Defibrilator (AED) is used to restart the heart when it is in fibrillation and is a key part of the chain of survival in heart attacks.

Bob decided that the issue is such an important one that The Shed should have such a piece of equipment available. He made a major contribution to get the ball rolling and other members followed in kind. Members are now costing and sourcing an AED for the shed.

Thanks to all those that contributed, an important initiative for safety of all in The Shed.

Folk art

The Folk Art class on Monday morning requested some plywood blanks to painting witches.

Wayne and Alan have made up the eleven blanks and Mick is shown here handing over to one of the ladies in the class.

We are hoping to see the finished product and put a few of the finished painted products on the blog.

Well done Alan and Wayne!!

Name Badges

Wayne has designed a logo and set out new name badges for members.

The Badges are now put up on the board donated by Joe from the Neighbourhood Centre for easy visibility and return.

The design seems to be popular and most of the chaps were sporting their new badges this morning. Now everyone knows your name !!

Dolls High Chair

Guv has finished assembling and staining the Dolls High Chair.

He was putting some finishing touches on and polishing it up, another job completed in the shed.

Looks good Guv. . . planning to put it on display at future promotional events ... does anybody have doll spare that we could use ... ?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Racks & Stools

Tracey H, from Blue Haven After School Care, was in this morning to pick up the brochure rack and foot stool projects from San Remo Community Men's Shed.

The Brochure Rack was much in need of repair when it arrived at the shed. It was held together with sticky tape and a few well recited prayers.

Col and Keith set to manufacturing new rods to reinforce the strength and stability of the rack and soon had it better than new. Tracey was delighted with the outcome and couldn't wait to return to the centre and load it up!!

John (shown here) made the footstool off the design of Jillian's. Tracey was happy with the construction and with the adjusted height of John's creation.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Wheels Shape Up

San Remo Community Men's Shed has range of wheeled equipment lined up out the front.

Trailer - the Nighbourhood Centre Trailer has been residing in the shed for G.O.A.T.S

BBQ is ready for when the hungry "shedders" want to throw on a snag.

Bicycles. . . many of the "shedders" are enthusiastic about riding to the shed.

Mowers... Michael is reparing a few at a time.

Guvs dollchair

Guv is hard at work repairing a dolls high chair. Recovered from the roadside this charming little chair just needs a little tender attention
to restore it to its former glory.

Guv has already dismantled the chair and preparing to replace the damaged ply set with new materials and then refit the parts with glue and then stain it up to look like new.

Racked up

Col & Keith are justly proud of the repair and rebuild that they have achieved on the brochure rack from Blue Haven Community Centre.

Tracey brought over the rack much in need of attention. Col and Keith found ways to put steel lengths and threaded rods welded on to hold the frame together. Now it will hold all the brochures that can be loaded on, without groaning.

Well done by the Keith & Col team!!