Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Slab pour

Work commenced on the San Remo Community Mens Shed. The remnant concrete slab from the pre-school was been cleared by the North Lakes Mens Group. This included slab & brush clearing by Alan Trower and Andy Cox. Trees were felled by the able lumberjacks, George Collie and Richard Huston. Jim Cunningham and George Donaldson while not able to engage in the heavy work have been "supervising" and providing moral support to the team.

Activity Update

Don Flint started off the final preparation on the driveway access to the Mens Shed on friday afternoon assisted by George II and Kim Hopkins.

Meanwhile, Lloyd Amery has been travelling about the Shire assessing and acquiring machines and tools to ensure the operation will be up and running soon after the structure is in place. Even with the lathes and band saws, a grinder and a table saw already donated, there are still plenty of items required for the start up of work within the shed.

Boots the concrete contractor and his team laid out the formwork on Monday morning ready for the concrete pour on Tuesday. Many concrete trucks later and some hard work by his team, saw the slab in finished form by 3pm complete with prepared door entries, some mending to the apron area in front of the shed and additional concrete poured for the driveway access to the side door.

All encircled with a temporary bright orange safety fence, the slab now awaits the arrival of permanent fencing to protect the site while the shed is erected in a few weeks.Exciting to see a new community initiative in the San Remo area!!