Wednesday, April 30, 2008

San Remo Gavel

The Kincumber Shedders decided that they wanted to make a ceremonial gift for the new San Remo Shed to wish them well and to assist in control of toolbox meetings in the new facility.

Alan Hagan presents the gavel to Kim Hopkins,chairman of Steering Committeefor the San Remo Community Shed.

Alan Hagan was commissioned to turn the item up on the lathe and undertook to burn a message from the Kincumber Men's Shed to the San Remo Shed.It was a golden opportunity today for the (very) Rev Alan Hagan to present the Gavel in his ceremonial garb.In all seriousness its a generous gift that the men from San Remo will treasure as a start in their journey to having a functioning and viable facility like their brothers in Kincumber.

Many thanks of behalf of the San Remo shed.

Concept drawing of the San Remo Neighbourhood Centre and shed