Sunday, April 11, 2010

GOATS mobile

The Mobile Men's Shed was set up next to the Central Coast Spinners for a busy day promoting the benefits of "shedding".

The Mens Shed display has improved since last years display at G.O.A.T.S festival. This year the mobile trailer was deployed and there amount of materials and projects from various sheds enables a robust display of the skills and capabilities at the Mens Sheds on the Central Coast.

Alan offered a few items for sale on the Mobile Mens Shed and the first customer of the morning purchased a winerack made from horseshoes.

The display focussed on the San Remo Community Men's Shed and the San Remo Shed brochures were distributed by default. However, there were enquires about Men's Sheds from all over the Central Coast, the Hunter and even interstate visitors. Certainly an excellent opportunity to promote Mens Health in a broad context and the local Mens Shed at the festival.

There were about 60 enquiries at the Mobile Shed during the day. These enquiries included older men directly interested in joining the Men's Shed, women enquiring on behalf of fathers, partners and sons. younger males interested in the skills and craft being taught and learnt at the sheds and community organisations interesting in programmes at the Mens Shed or discussing projects that could be progressed.

An excellent day well spent promoting Mens Sheds in the community.

Thanks to Bob Ihlein, President of The Entrance Men's Shed for towing the Mobile Men's Shed to GOATS for an early start. thanks for Alan for providing items for sale and donating the proceeds to the San Remo Shed and for assistance manning the trailer during the day. Thanks to Richard and George for dropping by in support during the day. Thanks to Keith for returning the trailer the following day. All your efforts are much appreciated for the assistance in promoting Mens Sheds on the Central Coast.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

tool tidy

Heres a handy way to store multiples of tools in the shed.

Richard is doing an excellent job of ensuring not only that the store is tidy and full of useful tools and materials, he is also making good use of limited space.

Well done Richard ... now where did I put that hammer ?

woodturners wish

Bob is relentlessly turning wood and in his efforts keep the machines running has asked the "metal crew" at the shed to repair and refurbish components for his lathe.

Ever keen for a challenge the crew had it back in running order before Bob could turn out another eggcup !!!

stage stackers

George has been restoring stage equipment for the local primary school.

These are lightweight boxes used on stage for drama and other events. They are used to sit on stand on stack and move all about the stage area. Lightweight so anyone can move them but sturdy enough for the task at hand.

With constant and robust use they had become damaged, in some cases dangerous and unusable. The school approached the shed for assistance with the repairs and the shed had taken on the task.

A bit of repair, re-upholstery and they are good as new.

booming boomerangs

Boomerangs for the local school.

There are regular orders for these items from local schools.

These boomerangs are used for painting competitions for students to decorate. Win a prize for the best in class, best in form or best in school.

An excellent way for the men at the shed to support students to engage with NAIDOC week.

Stacks of stools

San Remo shedders have been busy putting together wooden stools for a local community project. They was quite a stack of them awaiting collection.

A very professional product from the shed, utilitarian, functional and well crafted.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

grinding onward

New bench grinder allows this equipment to be set up for sole use in the metal section.

Purpose dedicated equipment allows for ease of use, regular maintenance and support and the added advantage of safety of operation.