Friday, December 26, 2008

San Remo Community Men's Shed

This is the first post for the
San Remo Community Men's Shed
28 Brava Avenue
San Remo NSW 2262

For further information contact the
San Remo Neighbourhood Centre
Located: 28 Brava Ave, San Remo 2262

Phone: 4390 7888
Fax: 4399 2398


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Welding anyone?

Keith kindly dropped of two welders as a donation for the San Remo Community Men's Shed.

This added to the Whipper-Snipper that came from Thelma at Woy Woy on Thursday adds to the growing selection of donated equipment that the SRCMS has at its disposal for projects and maintenance in the New Year.


During the first Toolbox meeting the following have agree to be keyholders for the San Remo Community Men's Shed.

George - 4393 2113
Rob - 4390 0642
Don - 4390 9328
Kim - 0414 855 943

San Remo Neighbourhood Centre
Phone 4390 7888

First Toolbox Meeting

The inaugural Toolbox Meeting took place in the San Remo Community Men's Shed on Saturday 20 December 2008. Plenty of chairs and space but short of a meeting table.

Amidst considerable discussion about the design of the meeting room, the disability access toilet and the kitchenette, the first toolbox meeting in the the shed took place informally.

Alan, George II, Don, Rob and Ralph are shown here at the end of the Toolbox meeting. Ray had already moved back to work removing the grass along the fences and Kim is the photographer.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Shortland Donation

Even before there was any space "Behind the Shed Door" generous people were donating equpment to the San Remo Community Men's Shed.


Lloyd kindly arranged to obtain the thicknesser and pedestal mounted grinder, locally donated machinery located in Shortland in Newcastle.

Pedestal grinder

These two machines did run off three phase power but alas the motors were removed before we were able to recover them. With a little restoration and appropriate motors, the thicknesser and grinder will be doing their share of the load on projects for the shed in short order.

Belt Sander

George C has kindly donated from his extensive workshop a 4 inch belt sander. This machine will be popular with the woodworkers.

The belt needs to be reattached, so someone with the skills could could help get another operational machine up to speed ...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Ralph examines the study wooden workbench that George and Lloyd had transported back to the shed from Toukley.

George has had it stored on his trailer for some weeks and was keen to put it in the shed now its at the lockup stage.

This was also a time to start planning the location of heavier items to minimise the double handling and extra strain on our volunteers. Disassembled this bench is not so heavy but once in position it would be best not to move it again. Of course it will have to move from the disability toilet area to allow for tiling and plumbing.

The workbench came with two vices, one for woodwork and an additional metal vice.

Lock up

This was the occasion of a the Northlakes Men's Group meeting on the day when the San Remo Community Men's Shed was at lockup for the very first time.

Rob was pointing out some detail of work that would have to be added to the To-Do list ... exciting day for men to gain access to the long awaited shed.

Monday, November 24, 2008

San Remo by night

The San Remo Community Men's Shed is well lit at night and makes a interesting study with the camera during this construction phase.

The Neighbourhood Centre forecourt is well lit from on high and this illuminates not only the trees and parking area it also lights up the Men's Shed. How good will it all look with Christmas Decorations?

The men from Tri-Steel have been a little thwarted by the rainy weather. However, their steady progress means a locked up shed is not far off now.

Like a bush "Cathedral to Carpentry", with "Spires of Steel", the shell of the shed as it now stands looks magnificent among the trees. Industrial aesthetic meets illumination and nature.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Inspecting the shed

Tsugio, George, Rob and Jim reviewing progress on the San Remo Community Men's Shed, after having their hearing checked during the group meeting in the Neighbourhood centre.Construction is progressing as fast as possible given the inclement weather.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Construction Day

San Remo shedders covered all angles keeping an eye on the construction of the San Remo Community Men's Shed.

George turned up and captured video from early in the morning to any time during the day ... and inside the wire only because it was assembly day not construction zone. Keep out now or the men from Tri-Steel will let you know!!

Kim turned up with big camera to capture some of the action ... soon to appear on the San Remo blog ...Don turned up mid morning to check out the action and see the culmination of work that started from meetings quite some time back now. Finally, seeing the outcome of many meetings, discussions, drawings and financial analysis makes it all worthwhile.

Pity George the First did not make it down today. However, his wife Barbara was eagerly taking photos with her new camera to keep him up to date on progress.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Erection commences

Erection of the San Remo Community Men's Shed commences today, 10 am Monday, 17 November 2008.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Slab pour

Work commenced on the San Remo Community Mens Shed. The remnant concrete slab from the pre-school was been cleared by the North Lakes Mens Group. This included slab & brush clearing by Alan Trower and Andy Cox. Trees were felled by the able lumberjacks, George Collie and Richard Huston. Jim Cunningham and George Donaldson while not able to engage in the heavy work have been "supervising" and providing moral support to the team.

Activity Update

Don Flint started off the final preparation on the driveway access to the Mens Shed on friday afternoon assisted by George II and Kim Hopkins.

Meanwhile, Lloyd Amery has been travelling about the Shire assessing and acquiring machines and tools to ensure the operation will be up and running soon after the structure is in place. Even with the lathes and band saws, a grinder and a table saw already donated, there are still plenty of items required for the start up of work within the shed.

Boots the concrete contractor and his team laid out the formwork on Monday morning ready for the concrete pour on Tuesday. Many concrete trucks later and some hard work by his team, saw the slab in finished form by 3pm complete with prepared door entries, some mending to the apron area in front of the shed and additional concrete poured for the driveway access to the side door.

All encircled with a temporary bright orange safety fence, the slab now awaits the arrival of permanent fencing to protect the site while the shed is erected in a few weeks.Exciting to see a new community initiative in the San Remo area!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

San Remo Lathe

Shed approved and already a wood-turners lathe for the San Remo Community Men's Shed. Amazing what happens when the group is no longer "shedless", albeit only a slab on the ground right now.San Remo Shed wishes to thank the Kincumber Men's Shed for the referral on the Wood Lathe.

George loading lathe on the trailer.Kim Hopkins and George Collie met with Thelma at Woy Woy and loaded the lathe onto a trailer for the trip to San Remo. Thanks to Lloyd for his assistance with unloading. Thanks to George I for the storage space and thanks to Rob Giles for his assistance in clearing the area for storage. Thanks also to Alan Hagan who inspected the machine and graciously allowed us to keep such a fine machine for the new shed.

Teamwork in the shed and among the shedders.
That's what it is all about.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

San Remo DA advertised

The Development Application (DA) for the San Remo Community Neighbourhood Centre was adverstised in the Central Coast Express Advocate today.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

San Remo Gavel

The Kincumber Shedders decided that they wanted to make a ceremonial gift for the new San Remo Shed to wish them well and to assist in control of toolbox meetings in the new facility.

Alan Hagan presents the gavel to Kim Hopkins,chairman of Steering Committeefor the San Remo Community Shed.

Alan Hagan was commissioned to turn the item up on the lathe and undertook to burn a message from the Kincumber Men's Shed to the San Remo Shed.It was a golden opportunity today for the (very) Rev Alan Hagan to present the Gavel in his ceremonial garb.In all seriousness its a generous gift that the men from San Remo will treasure as a start in their journey to having a functioning and viable facility like their brothers in Kincumber.

Many thanks of behalf of the San Remo shed.

Concept drawing of the San Remo Neighbourhood Centre and shed

Thursday, March 6, 2008

NLMG History

A History of the Formation and Early Activities
North Lakes Men's Group

On 17th May 2007 at San Remo Neighbourhood Centre an Event Planning was held. Those present were Jillian Hogan, Services Manager, San Remo Centre: Anna Dowley, San Remo Centre: Kim Hopkins: Robert Boyle, Benevolent Society - Wyong District.. Don Flint: Tom

There was overall agreement regarding the formation of a group similar to the 'OMNI groups but not directly associated with OMNI. OMNI is sponsored by the Council of the Aging (COTA).

1 Flier - written and published by Kim and Anna.
2 Publicity flier to be distributed to local madia, schools, retirement villages and Probus cdlubs
3 Kevin Smith from Wyong Council to be contacted regarding contribution of display items and attendance.
4 Anna to develop male name list from Prostrate cancer group, etc.
5 Photo to be included in article - including SRNC contact numbers as referral service.
6 Outcome to launch meeting during Men's Health Week 11th to 18th June.
7 Next meeting set for 13th June 2007.

The meeting on 13th June 2007 was attended by 25 men. Our ideas were thought worthwhile and the next meeting ananged for 27th June 2OO7. This meeting was attended by 8 men.

Further meetings were held on 11th and 25th July 2007 with 9 men attending. lt was agreed that future meetings be held on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays at 2pm - terminating at 4pm. The meetings on 1st and 15th August 2007 were attended by 10 men.

The meeting on 5th September 2007 opened at 2pm with 11 members in attendance. Special guests from Wyong Shire Council Rhvall Gordon and Mary. Social Planners from the Future Planning Unit. In the coming months Wyong Shire will draft a new 5-Year Plan for senior living in the Shire. A number of photographs were displayed on the table covering various aspects of the Wyong Shire environment, such as lakes, playing fields, children at play, shopping malls libraries, etc. Discussion followed as to what was important to seniors and their needs. Many points of view were discussed. The most material points were health care, transport and preserving the environment especially the lakes system and wildlife.

Rhyall Gordon said he will present the interim report for us tp review and discuss when available. Meeting closed at 4.20pm.

The meeting on 19th September opened at 2 pm with 1 1 members present. The guest speaker was Brendan Kevs. Financial Advisor, Wyong Centrelink. Brendan spoke of the change to this years Federal Budget and the benefits for seniors as of 20th Septemberv20O7. Meeting
closed 4.10 pm.

The meeting on 3rd October 2007 opened with 9 members present. There was a general discussion about Brenda Rhyall and the 5-Year plan also the value of keeping in contact with the FIS Officer from Centrelink. The meeting closed at 4.05pm.

The meeting on 17th October, 2007 opened at 2 pm with 10 members present. After general discussion the meeting was addressed bv Arron Fellows from Centerlink telling us about the Home Services available for independent living. Further information available from Centrelink on 1800 052 222. Meeting closed at 4.1Opm.

The meeting on 7th November 2007 opened at 2 pm with 8 members present. After general discussion the Guest Speaker, Jillian Hogan. SRNC Services Manaqer outlined about the preparation of an application for a Disaster Centre to be built on the concrete slab alongside the current SRNC building. This Centre/Shed could be multi-purpose and be used by the Men's Group. Lloyd Amery spoke about his installation at his home of Solar Panels for electricity production, the cost and power credits received from Energy Australia. Meeting closed at 4.15 pm.

The meeting on 21st November 2007 opened at 2 pm with 10 members present. After general discussion Jillian Hogan advised that our Disaster Grant application was presented. However further polishing and detail had been requested by the review committee. Guest speaker Dr Rodney Becilwith from Maidens Brush Medical Group spoke on the importance of keeping the body fit by doing walking, exercising. Meeting closed at 4-10 pm.

The meeting on 5th December 2OO7 opened at 2 pm with 8 members present and one visitor George Collie. After general discussion Jillian Hogan advised that the grant application had been re-presented by Kim Hopkins, Don Flint and herself. The outcome to be announced on 20th
December. Meeting closed at 4-15 pm.

On 14th December. 2007 a Christmas luncheon was held at Norah Head Sports Club starting at 12-30 pm and 10 members present plus sundry wives. Don Flint gave a toast for the group, now 6 months old, and a toast to the ladies for their support. A small Christmas gift was
presented to the ladies present. The event closed at 2-30pm.

On 16th January, 2008 the meeting opened at 2 pm with 11 members present. The Guest Speaker was Senior Constable Kirsten Neilson, Crime Prevention Officer, Tuggerah Lakes Local Area Command, NSW Police Force. Her topic was "Safety for Seniors" and covered safety at
home, con artists, banking and legal matters. Rob Giles was a new member. Meeting closed at 4-10 pm.

On 6th February the meeting opened at 2 pm with 11 members present. General discussion included the go-a-head on the Men's Shed project. A grant of $85,000 has been approved. A Committee of 4 was formed led by Kim Hopkins, Lloyd Amery, Andy Cox and George Donaldson
Meeting closed at 4-08 pm

On 20th February 2008 12 members visited Kincumber Men's Shed for the official opening at Kincumber. lt was a great day, very interesting, good people with approximately 60 in attendance. We can surely learn much from this project and should keep a close contact with this group. The party returned via the new development at Magenta Shores where there seems to be one floor plan and two shades of grey. Ralph Webb was a new member.

On 6h March 2008 the meeting opened at 2 pm with 13 members present. George Donaldson gave an over view and up-date of the Men's Shed project. The DA has been prepared and presented Wyong to Council, There was general discussion of our visit to Kincumber Men's
Shed. Association with this group will be of value to our group. Graeme Colley was a new member Meeting closed at 4-05 pm.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

North Lakes Men's Group

Eleven of the men from the North Lakes Mens Group gathered early in the morning at the San Remo Neighbourhood Centre, loaded themselves onto "Sluggo" and travelled down to join the Kincumber Men's Shed anniversary.Seen here are Richard Huston, John Finlater, Tom deLauney and Rob Giles enjoying the BBQ cooked up by Joe Homer and Tom vanDam from Kincumber.

The NLMG guys eagerly sought information from the established Kincumber Shed as they are embarking on setting up a shed in the near future. No-one minded the ribbing about being "shedless" when there was so much to learn about an established operation.

The northerners giving a cheery farewell to the Kincumber shed.

North Lakes Men's Group


First and Third Wednesday

of every month

at the

San Remo Neighbourhood Centre

Contact phone: 4390 7888

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

On 16th January, 2008 the meeting opened at 2 pm with 11 members present.

The Guest Speaker was Senior Constable Kirsten Neilson, Crime Prevention Officer, Tuggerah Lakes Local Area Command, NSW Police Force.

Her topic was "Safety for Seniors" and covered safety at home, con artists, banking and legal matters. Rob Giles was a new member.

Meeting closed at 4-10 pm.