Saturday, August 1, 2009

Breakaway boxes

Rob Giles working hard on a Saturday Morning to complete all those boxes for Camp Breakaway.

Richard has also been working hard at home to progress these boxes to completion.

Well done guys,
great teamwork !!

Safety Supplies

The Shed has received a large donation of safety equipment from Florian Decelis of R. & R. Tape and Safety Supplies.

The stock of these safety supplies are kept in the locker in metalwork area. This equipment is supplied for the use of all shed
ders. Please ensure that it is worn when required.

Plenty of dust masks there for the woodworkers .. take a mask and keep it handy .. write your name on it .. and put it on when the dust is flying.

Florian's donation includes heavy duty gloves for gardening or any time the work gets heavy and dangerous for you fingers. Don't forget them when the yardwork needs doing.

There is also a box of powdered blue vinyl gloves for wet work safety.

The donation includes Safety Goggles as well ... anytime theres a risk to your eyes, take a pair for protection. The Toolbox meeting has suggested previously that you might want to bring your own safety goggles for hygene reasons. However, if you need to wear them they are in the locker ... they won't protect your eyes in the locker ... so be safe and put them on.