Wednesday, November 21, 2007

body fit

The meeting on 21st November 2007 opened at 2 pm with 10 members present.

After general discussion Jillian Hogan advised that our Disaster Grant application was presented. However further polishing and detail had been requested by the review committee. Guest speaker Dr Rodney Becilwith from Maidens Brush Medical Group spoke on the importance of keeping the body fit by doing walking, exercising.

Meeting closed at 4-10 pm.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Solar Panels

The meeting on 7th November 2007 opened at 2 pm with 8 members present.

After general discussion the Guest Speaker, Jillian Hogan. SRNC Services Manaqer outlined about the preparation of an application for a Disaster Centre to be built on the concrete slab alongside the current SRNC building. This Centre/Shed could be multi-purpose and be used by the Men's Group.

Lloyd Amery spoke about his installation at his home of Solar Panels for electricity production, the cost and power credits received from Energy Australia.

Meeting closed at 4.15 pm.