Wednesday, June 24, 2009

brochure stand

Guv knocked together this wonderful brochure holder ... since the perspex one is now wandering about with the mobile mens shed.

Thanks Guv ..
just what was needed !!

boomerang quiz

Alan was so keen on the boomerangs

  1. he decided to see if it would fly
  2. wanted to throw one away
  3. is doing a safety check ... or
  4. trying to kill the photographer

Working on boomerangs

Using materials provided by the Northlakes Primary School, Boomerangs are first marked out with a template then blanks cut from ply on the band saw, mostly by Glenn who brought the project to The Shed.

These blanks were then shaped on the router to curve the edges of the blanks.

This process was assisted by a perspex template prepared by George to ensure the job was done accurately and safely.

Each blank was finished on the belt sander to ensure smooth (safe) edges, a process that Alan demostrates here from all the experience of processing hundreds.

Each blank was then finished off by hand to give it that extra professional touch from the San Remo Community Mens Shed Boomerang Team.

As the picture shows hands that are now so practiced that they are faster than the shutter on the camera !!!