Thursday, March 6, 2008

NLMG History

A History of the Formation and Early Activities
North Lakes Men's Group

On 17th May 2007 at San Remo Neighbourhood Centre an Event Planning was held. Those present were Jillian Hogan, Services Manager, San Remo Centre: Anna Dowley, San Remo Centre: Kim Hopkins: Robert Boyle, Benevolent Society - Wyong District.. Don Flint: Tom

There was overall agreement regarding the formation of a group similar to the 'OMNI groups but not directly associated with OMNI. OMNI is sponsored by the Council of the Aging (COTA).

1 Flier - written and published by Kim and Anna.
2 Publicity flier to be distributed to local madia, schools, retirement villages and Probus cdlubs
3 Kevin Smith from Wyong Council to be contacted regarding contribution of display items and attendance.
4 Anna to develop male name list from Prostrate cancer group, etc.
5 Photo to be included in article - including SRNC contact numbers as referral service.
6 Outcome to launch meeting during Men's Health Week 11th to 18th June.
7 Next meeting set for 13th June 2007.

The meeting on 13th June 2007 was attended by 25 men. Our ideas were thought worthwhile and the next meeting ananged for 27th June 2OO7. This meeting was attended by 8 men.

Further meetings were held on 11th and 25th July 2007 with 9 men attending. lt was agreed that future meetings be held on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays at 2pm - terminating at 4pm. The meetings on 1st and 15th August 2007 were attended by 10 men.

The meeting on 5th September 2007 opened at 2pm with 11 members in attendance. Special guests from Wyong Shire Council Rhvall Gordon and Mary. Social Planners from the Future Planning Unit. In the coming months Wyong Shire will draft a new 5-Year Plan for senior living in the Shire. A number of photographs were displayed on the table covering various aspects of the Wyong Shire environment, such as lakes, playing fields, children at play, shopping malls libraries, etc. Discussion followed as to what was important to seniors and their needs. Many points of view were discussed. The most material points were health care, transport and preserving the environment especially the lakes system and wildlife.

Rhyall Gordon said he will present the interim report for us tp review and discuss when available. Meeting closed at 4.20pm.

The meeting on 19th September opened at 2 pm with 1 1 members present. The guest speaker was Brendan Kevs. Financial Advisor, Wyong Centrelink. Brendan spoke of the change to this years Federal Budget and the benefits for seniors as of 20th Septemberv20O7. Meeting
closed 4.10 pm.

The meeting on 3rd October 2007 opened with 9 members present. There was a general discussion about Brenda Rhyall and the 5-Year plan also the value of keeping in contact with the FIS Officer from Centrelink. The meeting closed at 4.05pm.

The meeting on 17th October, 2007 opened at 2 pm with 10 members present. After general discussion the meeting was addressed bv Arron Fellows from Centerlink telling us about the Home Services available for independent living. Further information available from Centrelink on 1800 052 222. Meeting closed at 4.1Opm.

The meeting on 7th November 2007 opened at 2 pm with 8 members present. After general discussion the Guest Speaker, Jillian Hogan. SRNC Services Manaqer outlined about the preparation of an application for a Disaster Centre to be built on the concrete slab alongside the current SRNC building. This Centre/Shed could be multi-purpose and be used by the Men's Group. Lloyd Amery spoke about his installation at his home of Solar Panels for electricity production, the cost and power credits received from Energy Australia. Meeting closed at 4.15 pm.

The meeting on 21st November 2007 opened at 2 pm with 10 members present. After general discussion Jillian Hogan advised that our Disaster Grant application was presented. However further polishing and detail had been requested by the review committee. Guest speaker Dr Rodney Becilwith from Maidens Brush Medical Group spoke on the importance of keeping the body fit by doing walking, exercising. Meeting closed at 4-10 pm.

The meeting on 5th December 2OO7 opened at 2 pm with 8 members present and one visitor George Collie. After general discussion Jillian Hogan advised that the grant application had been re-presented by Kim Hopkins, Don Flint and herself. The outcome to be announced on 20th
December. Meeting closed at 4-15 pm.

On 14th December. 2007 a Christmas luncheon was held at Norah Head Sports Club starting at 12-30 pm and 10 members present plus sundry wives. Don Flint gave a toast for the group, now 6 months old, and a toast to the ladies for their support. A small Christmas gift was
presented to the ladies present. The event closed at 2-30pm.

On 16th January, 2008 the meeting opened at 2 pm with 11 members present. The Guest Speaker was Senior Constable Kirsten Neilson, Crime Prevention Officer, Tuggerah Lakes Local Area Command, NSW Police Force. Her topic was "Safety for Seniors" and covered safety at
home, con artists, banking and legal matters. Rob Giles was a new member. Meeting closed at 4-10 pm.

On 6th February the meeting opened at 2 pm with 11 members present. General discussion included the go-a-head on the Men's Shed project. A grant of $85,000 has been approved. A Committee of 4 was formed led by Kim Hopkins, Lloyd Amery, Andy Cox and George Donaldson
Meeting closed at 4-08 pm

On 20th February 2008 12 members visited Kincumber Men's Shed for the official opening at Kincumber. lt was a great day, very interesting, good people with approximately 60 in attendance. We can surely learn much from this project and should keep a close contact with this group. The party returned via the new development at Magenta Shores where there seems to be one floor plan and two shades of grey. Ralph Webb was a new member.

On 6h March 2008 the meeting opened at 2 pm with 13 members present. George Donaldson gave an over view and up-date of the Men's Shed project. The DA has been prepared and presented Wyong to Council, There was general discussion of our visit to Kincumber Men's
Shed. Association with this group will be of value to our group. Graeme Colley was a new member Meeting closed at 4-05 pm.